Google Play Store – Now Install Foreign Apps And Disapprove Useless App Purchases Your Kids Make

Google Play Store

Android devices are owned by a huge majority of users across the world. As compared to all other platforms like iOS, Windows or Blackberry, the usage of Android devices is the highest in the world. Owning an Android device is now almost like a fashion statement. An Android device is pointless to own if you […]

Waze Has Adopted Features From Google Maps – Here’s Why


For most people on the move constantly, travelling without navigational apps has become impossible to imagine. Of all the major mapping apps available, the most widely used is Google Maps and it is closely followed by Waze. The latter was bought by Google some time back and come to think of it, Google did make […]

WhatsApp Web For iOS – Get It On Your iPhone Today, Here’s How

WhatsApp Web For iOS

WhatsApp web was a very welcome feature introduced by WhatsApp for Android devices. iOS users had been kept waiting for this feature from early February for this, but it seems like the wait is now over. WhatsApp users who are accessing this app on an iPhone would now be able to use WhatsApp web just […]

Windows 10 PC Version Is Well Equipped to Maintain Data Privacy; Here’s Why?

Windows 10 PC Version Is Well Equipped to Maintain Data Privacy; Here’s Why

If you are a Gmail user, you would have noticed that when you browse the internet, you see ads of exactly what you like to buy or plan to buy in future. How does Google know your preferences? The truth is that Google actually checks through your emails and chooses what to display to you […]

AVG AntiVirus Specs and Features – Why It Is One Of The Best Virus Protections For Your PC

AVG AntiVirus – Why It Is One Of The Best Virus Protections For Your PC

Most devices connected to the internet get into a situation at least once in their operational tenure when they are affected by a virus or a malware. With the passage of time, as more and more devices get hooked on to the internet, the devices are being exposed to more risks from the internet, putting […]

InFocus M530 with 13MP Front and Back Camera , Priced in at 10,999 – Is It Worth a Buy?

InFocus M530 with 13MP front and back Camera , priced in at 10,999 – is it worth a buy

InFocus has, off late been becoming one of the rising names in the Indian markets. The company has been coming out with several updates in the recent years, and has been coming out with some of the most incredible smartphones! Yes, smartphones! One of the most popular names when it comes to display technology and […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Error 80240020: Step by Step Solution of How to Fix the 80240020 Error

Microsoft Windows 10 Error 80240020 Step by Step Solution of How to Fix the 80240020 Error

A lot of times we get baffled when we suddenly face an error on our computer, we tend to think it’s a tough task and it’s going to take you ages to fix stuff. However this is not the case always. Microsoft has tried their best to make the Windows 10 OS as error free […]

iPhone 6s to Come with 12MP iSight Camera and 4K Recording : LEAKED


When it comes to the world of technology, the words ‘Apple’ and ‘innovation’ go together. Apple has been one of the leaders in the world of technology and is a major market player. In the world of business too, it is a significant player as Apple ranks as the number one business entity in global […]

Windows 10 OS Activation and Product Key Error 0XC004E003 – How to Solve It

Windows 10 Product Activation Key Error Fix Error 0XC004E003 on Microsoft Windows 10

Windows OS, without the shroud of a doubt, is the most epic names in the world of operating systems right now. The company has been gaining major momentum off late and has been a dominating force in the world of technology since decades. The Microsoft Windows 10 OS is ‘hot property’ and the company is […]

WWE 2k16: A Complete List of ALL the Confirmed Wrestlers So Far

WWE 2k16

The WWE 2k16 has been a game which has been making a lot of pre-release noise. The game has been one of the most awaited games of the year, and with the WWE in itself gaining major steam after the NXT Takeover, SummerSlam and the RAW after summerslam, the world of WWE has been shaken […]