Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Unveiled At The IFA 2015; Becomes The First Phone With A 4K Screen

IFA 2015

Well, all the incredible leaks that we had been hearing and seeing, they’ve finally come true. Sony did launch an Xperia Z5 premium this IFA; and it did so with an incredible 4K screen that just won all the hearts of the people. Gold; this color of the Sony Xperia Z5 premium was noted at […]

Lenovo Vibe P1 and Vibe P1m with a 5000mAh Battery – Need More Power?

Leaked Lenovo Vibe P1

All the big phone makers beware – Lenovo is coming on strong and it is going to be around for quite some time now. The spring time leaks are finally going to take shape and the five mystery Lenovo phones that we had been waiting for, for such a long time now might just be […]

Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPad mini 4 Could Be Seen At The September 9th Event


September 9th is the day every Apple enthusiast is waiting for. We are going to see, apart from the Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, the Apple TV set top box, and new bands for the Apple Watch. However, reports and leaks from around the world have given hints of the possible […]

Xiaomi Mi 5 Leaked Online – When Can The Device Actually Be Expected?

Xiaomi Mi 5 Leaked Online – When Can The Device Actually Be Expected

There are leaks about new mobile devices all over the internet now. A few days ago there was a rumor stating that Xiaomi would be releasing a phone as a stop gap between the Mi 4 and the Mi 5. This device was the Mi 4C. The reason behind this is that the Mi 5 […]

Next Gen Google Nexus or Named Nexus 5X ! Price Tags May Read $399


The Nexus range of phones has been creating waves in the Android world. Known for their brilliant use of stock Android coupled with some astonishing hardware by famous manufacturers like LG, HTC and of late  – Huawei, the Nexus range of devices has gathered a lot of appraisal from critics and fans. There are of […]

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 8″ and YOGA Tab 3 10″ – The Tablets With In Built Projectors

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 8 and YOGA Tab 3 10 – The Tablets With In Built Projectors

The Yoga Tab series of tablets have been quite popular in the market. The reason why this tab stands out from the crowd is because it consists of a built in video projector. Dismissed initially be experts who felt that this is an unnecessary feature, most were proved wrong when the company made a comeback […]

Skype version 6.0 Free Download For iOS and Android Phones


Among all the internet messaging apps that have been used till date, Skype dates back to a time when none of them were even thought of in our wildest dreams. Skype has been around from the time mobile phones were a luxury and SMS was expensive. It has seen the face of internet communication change […]

Gionee Launches S5.1 Pro with 13MP Camera and 5 Inch Screen

Gionee Launches S5.1 Pro with 13MP Camera and 5 Inch Screen

Every season is a good season to launch phones, especially when the Indian markets are concerned. The evergreen Indian markets have been growing at a rapid pace and have been expanding with every passing moment as people are opening up to newer ideas and are willing to buy more products than ever before. The Indian […]

Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL along with XBOX Slim and Microsoft Band 2 to release in October


What sets Microsoft apart from other major names in the market is the fact that the company has been coming out with a large number of innovative products off late. Microsoft, traditionally known for their incredible performance in the world of software technology and operating systems, has now been venturing into the hardware markets and […]

WWE 2k16 All Set to Release – List of Top 10 WWE Finishers

WWE 2k16

WWE has been a company which has been around for such a long while that they have totally dominated the sports and entertainment markets. The company has been putting up their A game and have been putting their best foot forward in the world of entertainment, and gaming has been a critical part of their […]